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Forum: Off Topic 12.12.2014, 12:32
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Posted By Franky82
And now you are my facesitting slave!

www.GirlsLikeFacesitting.com (http://www.girlslikefacesitting.com)

Anni lies at the couch and relaxes a little bit. But then...
Mia enters the room - and wants to have some fun!
Of course Anni...
Forum: Spitting Pictures & Videos 14.11.2014, 14:52
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Posted By Franky82
Big tits covered with spit

www.GirlsLikeSpit.com (http://www.girlslikespit.com)

Olivia is a very sexy, hot, red haired brat girl - and has big tits!
She looks sooo hot - and she likes to spread her legs just for you!
Forum: Spitting Pictures & Videos 09.07.2014, 16:02
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Posted By Franky82
Nikky plays with a huge paddle of spit!

The red haired girl Nikky can't help doing it - she loves to play with her spit!
Therefore she spits lot of it at her wooden sideboard right beside her.
But it doesn't remain there for long... With...
Forum: Fetish 08.07.2014, 16:12
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Posted By Franky82
The new and awesome foot fetish site - www.GirlsLikeFeet.com


Those girls really love it to play with their feet!
And they are soo fucking hot! Especially Angie and Sara!
The hot lesbians sit at their bed and enjoy eating a yogurt....
Forum: Spitting Pictures & Videos 25.06.2014, 19:05
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Posted By Franky82
Sexy lesbians like to play with spit

Candy Julia and her girlfriend Taissia want to become wet today!
They spit at their sexy bodies and cover themselves with lot of saliva.
The thick liquid runs down their sexy bodies. But they want...
Forum: Fetish 24.06.2014, 21:16
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Posted By Franky82
Sexy girl has to pee urgently!

While Anni is applying her makeup she has to pee very urgently.
First she tries to stand it a little bit longer - but she has no chance!
The pressure becomes soo big that she has to start peeing....
Forum: Fetish 23.06.2014, 20:56
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Posted By Franky82
Shrima sits down at her girlfriend

Wow - these two girls are soo hot - and they like facesitting!
But Shrima also likes to play with her smartphone.
While she smothers her girlfriend Canella below her ass
she almost completely...
Forum: Fetish 27.05.2014, 15:51
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Posted By Franky82
Exotic beauty wants your tongue!

Do you like exotic beauties...? Then Gisele is what you are looking for!
She has an exotic touch and likes her feet treated well.
Especially after a long and tough day! Do you want to help her...?...
Forum: Fetish 23.05.2014, 16:05
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Posted By Franky82
Erina tramples the slave's face!

Sexy Erina likes to trample - especially the face of her slave!
First she takes her time and presses her shoes on his face while sitting.
But after a while she wants to stay on him - and places her...
Forum: Fetish 22.05.2014, 16:26
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Posted By Franky82
Porn star Aileen Taylor orders you to lick!

I'm sure you know her - Aileen Taylor, hot porn start with big breasts...!?
But she has some other preferences too! And she knows how to dominate you!
One thing she likes is watching you while you...
Forum: Off Topic 29.04.2014, 13:41
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Posted By Franky82
Maya Sue gives her girlfriend no chance to escape!


Runa just wanted to sleep a while - but Maya Sue wants to play a game!
So she tied up her girlfriend at the bed and prevents her from moving away anymore.
Forum: Off Topic 14.03.2014, 16:00
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Posted By Franky82
Hairy girl is facesat by her girlfriend


It's very hard for the hairy Leyla!
Her girlfriend Attika loves facesitting!
And she wants to do it as often as possible!
Once again it doesn't take her very long......
Forum: Spitting Pictures & Videos 13.03.2014, 14:23
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Posted By Franky82
Big tits, nude - and fucking wet!


Olesya has a fucking hot body - and her tits are almost perfect!
She exactly knows her special effect on all men -
and thinking about already makes her smile!
But she also...
Forum: Spitting Pictures & Videos 17.02.2014, 16:57
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Posted By Franky82
Porn Star Gina Gerson becomes WET!


Porn Star Gina Gerson found the way to our studio - and becomes very wet!
The sexy brat girl spits non stop on her fucking hot teenage body!
The spit is flowing down...
Forum: Off Topic 06.02.2014, 17:33
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Posted By Franky82
A very delicious champagne is served!


Candy Julia is already very excited and awaits the night!
She knows that you are going to visit her and that you
will have a nice candlelight dinner this evening.
And of...
Forum: Spitting Pictures & Videos 28.01.2014, 20:12
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Posted By Franky82
With big tits and lot of spit in the kitchen


Stella stands in the kitchen and has to do the housework.
But she doesn't like it! She wants to play instead!
But what can she do? Play with her spittle of course!
Forum: Off Topic 21.01.2014, 16:47
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Posted By Franky82
First a little bit shy, but then...

Anna is a sexy girl with a nice smile and a very hot
body. And she likes to show you everything after losing
her shyness! First she pees and then she fingers her
wet pussy hole! While doing so she...
Forum: Spitting Pictures & Videos 11.01.2014, 21:50
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Views: 3,930
Posted By Franky82
With wet pussies and soaked butts into the weekend!


Sweet Candy Julia and her hot girlfriend Limonika made some
very hot plan for this weekend: They stay at home together!
And play with themselves...! Of course they use...
Forum: Off Topic 03.01.2014, 22:42
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Posted By Franky82
Today I ride your face with my pussy!


Happy new Year! Hope you enjoyed the festive season!?
And the new year starts very nice - with another hot update!

For Amara it's time to be ridden by her sexy...
Forum: Off Topic 28.12.2013, 21:11
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Posted By Franky82
Sexy red haired cutie on the toilet


Ho Ho Ho! The Christmas days are gone - and Amber comes!
To you - and she cums also while playing with her pussy at the toilet!
She has to pee very urgently! Fast she takes off...
Forum: Spitting Pictures & Videos 22.12.2013, 19:34
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Posted By Franky82
Spit covered - Lick her clean!


She cannot stop playing with spit! Rianna spits at her
sexy body and covers herself with lot of her saliva!
While doing so she becomes very horny and touches
the nipples...
Forum: Off Topic 13.12.2013, 13:58
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Posted By Franky82
I want your nose under my butt!

Limonika wants some hot facesitting action - and doesn't wait long!
She grabs the ponytail of her girlfriend and puts her head right at her butt!
Candy Julia has to smell her ass - but cruel...
Forum: Off Topic 10.12.2013, 21:01
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Posted By Franky82
Sexy Russian girl cannot wait any longer!

The sexy Russian girl Shrima cannot stand it any longer - She has to pee!
With a full bladder she runs to the toilet - and stays at the top of the bowl!
She goes down on her knees and starts to let...
Forum: Spitting Pictures & Videos 06.12.2013, 16:51
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Posted By Franky82
GirlsLikeSpit - Sexy red haired girl spits on her body


The new update is online at www.GirlsLikeSpit.com
The red haired Amber cannot hold it any longer - and has to
play with her spit! Slowly she presses the spit out of her...
Forum: Spitting Pictures & Videos 22.11.2013, 16:42
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Posted By Franky82
Lick her dirty boots clean!


Rianna is a sexy, cute girl - and she likes to spit!
She spits on her black boots and covers them with her spittle.
Also the ground is messed up after some time -
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